Our services

Duljevic Ltd. was founded in Sarajevo in 2001 and has been operating successfully for 19 years. The company is specialized in construction, engineering, trade, services and manufacturing.

The company has developed its services through various branches of construction, which include the following:

Construction - The primary activity of our company is to perform construction and craft works in high-rise construction, to our clients with quality and up-to-date equipment, construction machines and tools needed for quality and fast performance of all work we can offer:

  • Construction of residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings; 
  • Reconstruction of existing facilities;
  • Construction and craft works;

DesigningBased on the long-term experience of our company as a contractor, we strive to reflect our projects in a simple and fast implementation, with the use of the highest quality materials and with cost rationalization. The company can offer a potential investor the following services:

  • Preliminary projects;
  • Major projects;
  • Execution projects;
  • Interior design projects;
  • Legalization of buildings;
  • Condominium conversion;
  • Architectural visualizations;
  • Creating advertising graphics (catalogs for real estate sales, etc.).

Investiranje - With many years of successful construction and design of facilities, the company "Duljevic" has proven to be a safe investor. So far, the company has successfully realized several of its own investments.

  • Residential-business building "Be&Ha Stan" - Ilidža
  • Apartment building within "Srebrna lisica" project - Babin do - Bjelašnica
  • Residential-business building "Vreoca" - Ilidža

We are planning to introduce a new project to the market soon.