We are constructors!

We respect the agreements and requirements of buyers and investors. We respect deadlines, perform quality work and use quality materials. And, we build fast!

Our services

Duljevic Ltd. was founded in Sarajevo in 2001 and has been operating successfully for 19 years. The company is specialized in construction, engineering, trade, services and manufacturing.

Our values

Fair partnership
Compliance with occupational safety and health regulations
Good preparation and organization of works,
Well-educated stuff
Multiannual experience
Speed and quality of work execution.

Our investments

So far, we have successfully realized:
Residential-commercial building "Vreoca" Ilidža - sold;
Apartment building - "Srebrna lisica" Bjelašnica - sold;
Residential-commercial building "Be&Ha Stan" - sold;

New project soon!


Stanovi – Vreoca 2, Ilidža

Stanovi opremljeni po sistemu “ključ u ruke” u ulici Vreoca na Ilidži. • Novogradnja • Mirna zona • Visok kvalitet ugrađenih materijala i izvođenja radova • Useljivo već od jula 2021. godine • Veličina stanova Read more…

Uskoro novi stanovi u našoj ponudi

Uskoro novi stanovi u našoj ponudi : Novogradnja Visok kvalitet Povoljna cijena Mirna zona Za sve dodatne informacije možete nas kontaktirati putem telefona na broj: +387 33 761 515 i putem mail-a: info@duljevic.com.