Being actively engaged in construction and craft work and then investing in market facilities, the company Duljevic was faced with the need to set up its own project bureau, which soon grew into a Studio.

The studio brings together a team of young and creative architects and structural engineers, who, with their ideas and knowledge of modern programs, provide full technical logistics to the construction operations of Duljevic.

In addition, the professional staff of our studio offers many expert advisory services to the Investors of the facilities on which our company is engaged, focuses its knowledge in finding the best solutions for each individual project and participates in solving numerous details and dilemmas that inevitably arise during construction.

Na polju projektovanja, stručni tim ima ključnu ulogu u razradi i definiranju koncepta objekata čiji je investitor kompanija “Duljević”, a samim tim dobija zasluge za uspješnu realizaciju brojnih projekata naše kompanije. Projektovanje i ostale vezane usluge, vršimo i za ostale investitore.

Sve naše ideje i projekti, od početnih skica do glavnih projekata, izvedbenih nacrta i realističnih 3D vizualizacija, nastaju u našem studiju u Sarajevu. Svakom projektu pristupamo s punim angažmanom i individualnim pristupom koji svaki klijent zaslužuje.

Studio Duljević provides the following services: preparation of complete project documentation, preparation of preliminary and main projects, design of interior projects and finished state with all stages.

In addition, we also offer 3D rendering services of objects, high quality visualization and animation.

Based on the long-term experience of our company as a contractor, we strive to reflect our projects in a simple and fast implementation, with the use of the highest quality materials and with cost rationalization.

One of our advantages is the use of BIM software packages, which guarantees a stable and architecturally innovative construction, and enables digitalization of space and effective presentation of projects.

The company can offer a potential investor the following services:

  • Preliminary projects;
  • Major projects;
  • Execution projects;
  • Interior design projects;
  • Legalization of buildings;
  • Condominium conversion;
  • Architectural visualizations;
  • Creating advertising graphics (catalogs for real estate sales, etc.).