Through many years of successful has proven to be a safe investor. The company has so far successfully implemented several of its own investments, which included:

  • Residential-business building "Be&Ha Stan" - Ilidža 
  • Apartment building within "Srebrna lisica" project - Babin do - Bjelašnica
  • Stambeno-poslovni objekat “Vreoca Stanovi”, naselje Vreoca – Ilidža;
  • Stambeno-poslovni objekat “Vreoca 2”, Lamela B, naselje Vreoca – Ilidža;

Since all of our company's investments have been successfully realized, we will offer more similar projects to the market in the future. Our investments will occupy a large percentage of our future business, since our references and our way of doing business instill trust in our potential customers on our new projects.

Our investments: