Founder's words

The right to be the best in the world in my business is the only right that no one can take away from me!

Yugoslavia has always been a land of good builders. As such, they were one of the most respectable construction operations in the world, capturing many markets and captivating the sympathies of numerous investors in the east and west. Fortunately, or unfortunately, my age maturity coincided with a time when we, as a society, needed to rebuild a war-torn country, its cities and its infrastructure. This "new time" also brought with it a new social order, and this new system did not constitute the basic substructure on which domestic construction companies existed until then. Consequently, a large number of construction companies at the time found themselves in a difficult situation, and an army of domestic builders found themselves in a “pending” status. I decided not to wait.

With the foundation of the construction company "Duljevic", I did not offer another company in a row to the market, because that market did not need another same construction company, but I offered one completely new and different highly organized construction company, which has clearly defined goals, to achieve exceptional quality without compromise and thus encourage the development of construction activity. New - because of a clear vision, idea, equipment and application of standards and regulations in the field of construction, and different - in terms of job understanding, correct partnership, good preparation and organization of work, speed in the execution of works, quality of execution and full compliance with safety regulations at work . And it was a right decision.

Time has shown that I was right. A rich reference list and decades of experience are behind us, and many challenges and successes are yet to come.

Hako Duljević, founder of the company