Founding of company

The beggining

As is known to construction workers, both in Europe and throughout the world, in the 1970s and 1980s, the Yugoslav operative was extremely well known and recognized in the field of construction. The leading role in the said operation was played by builders from the area of present Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have proven themselves with their work, expertise and ability to perform the most demanding facilities around the world.

Company "Duljevic" d.o.o. from Sarajevo was founded back in 1989, under a different name, when it first appeared in the field of construction. In the first years, its activity is reflected in the construction of smaller construction works in the wider area of the former Yugoslavia.
During the breakup of Yugoslavia, war and aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, parts of the renowned Yugoslav operative were scattered throughout Europe and the world. The Duljevic Company, which was part of the Yugoslav operation, also found itself in this situation.

In early 1992, the Company moved its construction activity outside, to Germany, where it worked as a subcontractor at facilities in Leipzig, Dresden, Brauenschweig and Hildesheim. During this period, employees of this Company and associates have made a number of awards from a foreign investor for quality work.

Following the end of the war and the signing of the peace agreement, in early 2000, the Company ceased operations in Germany. All parts of the Company are synthesized into one unit - the construction company "Duljevic", which pulls all its capacities from the territory of Germany and locates in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the post-war period, the Duljevic Company played a significant role in the reconstruction of facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Company Registration

Company "Duljevic" was registrated on March 19, 2001, for construction works, under the name "Duljevic" d.o.o. Sarajevo. Since then, in the area of building construction in BiH, and especially in Sarajevo Canton, Duljević Company has made significant strides in its work, giving it a leading position and becoming an unavoidable one in the field of construction.

The first period of presence in these areas is reflected in the design and construction of smaller facilities for clients. In a relatively short period of time, Duljevic Company has gained a reputation in this region thanks to the quality of work execution and business dynamics, which are based on the European standard. Since 2004, the company has been an equal participant in tenders and successfully parried, much larger and more well-known companies at that time.

U toku dosadašnjeg rada, Kompanija “Duljević” je uspjela oko sebe okupiti brojne svjetski priznate i poznate proizvođače građevinskog materijala i opreme, sa kojima je potpisala ekskluzivni ugovor o posebnoj saradnji i uslovima, što garantuje odličan kvalitet, vrijeme isporuke i adekvatne garancije. Neki od pomenutih proizvođača su: “Röfix“, “Baumit”, “Sto”, “Bramac“, “Tondach”, “Velux“, “Nexe”, “Winerberger“, “Schiedel” i ostali.

Acknowledgments and awards

Duljević is a regular participant in national and international Roofing Olympiads.
From the many Olympics Company participated in, the following stand out:

  • Roofing Olympiad of BiH in 2005, in the category of public use - new construction when it won 1st place
  • Roofing Championship of BiH in 2007, in the category of public buildings - rehabilitation, when it won the 2nd place.

Adittional activities

In addition to performing construction and craft works, the company "Duljevic", for its own needs and the needs of investors, prepares technical documentation for the construction of buildings.

Everything that was mentioned above, has provided the conditions for the Company to offer design and construction services to the potential investors, from the smallest to the most demanding - mega projects, joint venture services and turnkey co-financing, which has proved to be very successful so far.

Business model and advantages

All the above mentioned projects, as well as the realized projects so far, make the Duljevic Company one of the best construction companies in this region. The way of business represents, at the same time, the advantages of the Duljevic Company:

  • Correct partnership,
  • Compliance with occupational safety and health regulations,
  • Good preparation and organization of works,
  • Well-educated stuff,
  • Quality construction and installation services of modern building materials,
  • Speed of work execution,
  • High involvement of machinery and equipment.